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By taking action to connect to or view this website in any form of an internet protocol you agree with these conditions. Under no circumstances should you violate or exploit the site current standing in terms of source code from unauthorised or no permission by the site administrators. You will not evade the websites bans through fraudulent methods and internet identification mechanisms such as IP/Mac address spoofing. You agree to not share, post or use any personal information or verbal harassment of you, another individual, or group(s) on the site's public forums. We are not responsible for the leaks of personal information you share through site communication amenities. Through communicational actions, you should not partake in any activities that are illegal to your country's province/states laws. You will not promote any commercial content or advertise other online gaming servers in any form of communication.

Privacy Policy

The site administrators do not in any way share any information users submit to the website to other companies, individuals, or other organizations. Detected information such as IP address, electronic device information, or geographical location will not be viewed, used, or dealt with on any circumstance. If we violate any of the rules stated above we agree to take down the site publicly for a total of 7 months without the original administrators of this website creating another one until the 7-month trial has ended.

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